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If your host offers the cPanel control panel, and the Theme files are in a .zip or .gz archive follow these instructions. Note: This assumes the Theme you download is a compressed (.zip) file containing a folder under which all the Theme files reside.


  1. Unzip the downloaded package from Themeforest. Find the folder Theme and inside it find the file file to your local machine.
  2. In cPanel File Manager, navigate to your Themes folder. If your WordPress is installed in the document root folder of your web server you would navigate to “public_html/wp-content/themes” and if you have WordPress installed in a sub-folder called wordpress, you would navigate to “public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes”.
  3. Once you’ve navigated to the Themes folder in cPanel File Manager, click on Upload file(s) and upload that installable-theme file you saved in Step 1.
  4. Once the installable-theme file is uploaded, click on installable-themethe name of that file in cPanel, then in the panel to the right, click on “Extract File Contents”, and that installable-theme file will be uncompressed.
  5. Follow the instructions below for selecting the Theme.

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