Vendor Introduction

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Vendor action in WeddingCity!

WeddingCity WordPress Theme is a Directory for vendor business on site. vendor can easy to register and login on WeddingCity! vendor need to fill username, email id and vendor type and submit it. after vendor got email notification with password send. vendor can login easy with access all features.

  1. Dashboard summery.
    1. Number of Listings.
    2. Number of Reviews for listing.
    3. Number of Request quote for listing.
  2. My Listings
    1. Number of listing show on page. ( All Listings, Pending Listing, Approval Listing, Removed Listing and Expired Listing ).
    2. Vendor can easy to add new listing.
    3. Vendor can easy to update listing.
    4. Vendor can easy to removed listing.
    5. Vendor can easy to restore listing.
  3. Pricing
    1. In This page showing pricing table for admin created for every vendors. vendor can select perfect plan and start with WeddingCity Site with Listing. vendor can easy to get good business on this site.
    2. If vendor expired all listings so they select plan and extends the listings and time period.
  4. Invoice
    1. Vendor payments data store in backend and showing in as number of invoice.
    2. View Button click to show invoice details.
  5. Request Quote
    1. Vendor can easy to show number of request for listing.
  6. Reviews
    1. Vendor can easy to show number of reviews per listing with user details.
  7. My Profile.
    1. Vendor information.
    2. Vendor Business Information
    3. Password Changes
    4. Social Media
  8. Logout

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